What is the warranty on the products?

All Decorative lights (Pendants, chandeliers, lamps) have 10 Day replacement Warranty. Days counted from the date of delivery of the product. Architectural lights have warranty periods of 1yr to 2yr as mentioned in their description.

If there is any fault with the product or damaged part we replace the product/part free of cost with pickup and delivery of the replacement bourne by us during the 10Days.

What if the product stops working after 10 Days?

These are high-quality products and all our LED lights are tested to have a life of over 10 years. However, if there is any problem with the functioning of the lights (not counting physical damage), we do provide support and repair services. Nominal charges for repair and LED parts will be quoted on request. We can also provide support via video call/mail to guide you on how to repair the same without any additional cost in case you want to do it yourself.

Are you selling of Flipkart/Amazon ?

No. For the following reasons we don’t:

  • No Direct Communication between sellers and buyers
  • High Commission charges (upto 35%)
  • Return penalty,return Charges and Return Damages
  • Delay in payments

There are countless other reasons. Our products are high-value, delicate items that require special packaging and communication with the buyers which cannot be done via a general e-commerce platform like Amazon and Flipkart.

Do you provide any further discounts?

If you compare our prices with that of other online sellers or even offline sellers, you will find our prices are less by even 50-70%. If there are any applicable discounts they will automatically reflect on the checkout page as per your order.

I am worried about packaging and damage due to transit.

Don’t worry. All products are very carefully packed with thermacol and other supports to prevent damage due to transit. Even if there is any damage to the product, you can contact us on WhatsApp/mail within the 10 Day replacement period and we will replace the item/ part. Free of Cost.

How does the reuturn process work?

All returns will be accepted as per Return policy. You can access your purchases via your dashboard at n-lighten.in/my-account. Any return or replacement request can be done via the dashboard. A detailed mail about return packaging and return label will be mailed to you for it. Pickup will be arranged at the delivery address only.

PS: Just like you return the item to a physical store, you need to send the item back to us in agreed-upon condition. Shipping is our responsibility but the return is your responsibility. Hence packaging of the items as instructed is very important. If not done, the item returned can get damaged and the damage to an item will void your warranty.

How may days will it take to Deliver?

It depends on your location. It takes 3-7 Days to deliver with 3 Days for northern parts of the country and 7 in southern states.

Do you provide COD?

Yes, we do. Orders within particular value we provide COD as well. For COD orders, you have to pay 10%+Shipping charges at the time of order placement. Remaining at the time of delivery.

Is 10% deposit + shipping amount necessary for COD?

Please see that packaging and shipping take cost and resources. There are some buyers who make fake orders and refuse to take delivery for COD orders. As a result, we have to pay not only shipping but reverse shipping charges as well. Also, that product will not be available for that time to other genuine buyers.

This small deposit and shipping charge would help us cover at least some part of the damage done due to such fake orders.

So if a product costs 10,000/- and shipping is 100. You pay 10% of 10,000 i.e 1000 + shipping i.e 100, hence total 1100. Remaining amount i.e 9000 at the time of delivery only.