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A well-lit ceiling evolves any space multifold. The light decides the theme, ambiance, and much more about the space. Not every space can be lit with chandeliers or focus lights. In this case, Profile Light In ceiling comes handy. They give huge scope for experiments and lighting up space according to the requirement.

Find here 10 new ideas of profile light in ceiling

Here Are Find 10 New Way To Light Up Profile Light In Ceiling

Keep reading here we are going to share with you new ways of light up your profile light in ceiling. And if you have a balcony or a small balcony in your home and you are searching for simple ways of that how you can decorate your balcony in easy ways you can also check out our latest article about small balcony decor ideas.

1. Modern Criss Cross Pattern On Roof

Modern Criss Cross Pattern On Roof

Cove lights on False Ceiling are very commonplace. Now direct Surface profiles are installed on the roof which gives a better appearance and looks on the roof.

2. Heart Beat Pattern on The Roof

Heart Beat Pattern on The Roof

Such designs and patterns can be installed on the roof of the false ceiling of conference rooms and offices. Also one can install logos and patterns with these profile lights to give that effect.

3. Light Up Your Alley

Light Up Your Alley

The gallery of the hallway can be given a new modern and minimalistic look with such profile lights that run from the ceiling to the sides. Installed on drywalls and ceilings, such lights are great at a minimalistic appearance.

4. Plain And Simple Profile Design

Plain And Simple Profile Design

If one wants to keep the ceiling effect clean and minimal, one can have an ambient light effect using profile lights.

5. Corner And Skirting Lighting Via Profile Lights

Corner and Skirting lighting via Profile Lights

Corner Profiles are also used to give that element of design to the corners and skirtings.

6. Profile Lighting In Halls And Living Rooms

Profile Lighting In Halls And Living Rooms

Here the profile runs along the bends of the floor, which adds a unique style to the design.

7. Profiling The Stairs

Profiling The Stairs

Here the profile lights are used both to add as a feature to the steps and also as a step lights. Make sure the steps are made of wood as this would allow for easier workmanship.

8. Cabinet Light Profiling

Cabinet Light Profiling

Profile lights are also used to give that backlighting effect in cabinets and shelves.

9. Cove Lighting Profiles

Cove Lighting Profiles

Profile lights are used to keep the cove lighting in place. We can use profile lights to give that directional lighting in the coves. This is specially used when the high lumen lighting in the coves is needed.

10. Keep The Strip Lights Intact

Ugly look due to non-installation of Cove lighting.

Ugly look due to non-installation of Cove lighting.

the right way to install profile in coves

the right way to install profile in coves

Profile lights as seen here not only keeps the strip lights in place but also help in heat dissipation and provide an even glow. Many times when the strip light is installed directly one can see the light dots which look ugly. This is especially a problem when the paint used is shiny or PVC panel is used in roof false ceiling.

What Are Profile Lights?

Profile Lights

Profile lights come in various sizes and are made of the aluminum casing. Aluminum being a good conductor of heat releases the heat emitted by the LEDs which are placed inside them.

Inside these casings, we place LED strip lights which come in various sizes and Lumens. Typically 12v LED comes in white, warm white, and Natural white color and in 60/120/180/240, etc LEDs per/m grade. As per the LED placed, you need to have drivers attached to them. See this Chart for reference.

Low Cost – More Designs

Typical false ceiling designs that use cove lighting need a lot of workmanship. Hence comes with increased cost. Profile lights can be cut and placed very easily and hence require much less workmanship.

Circular designs and patterns

One can use prefabricated circular rings or use Neon Flex lighting for those rounded and circular design patterns.

Profile Light Can Be Used To Give That Unique Element To Your Walls.

Profile Light In Wall
Profile Light In Wall

Thin Profile lights are very good in giving multiple lines and crossing curves. Thick profiles are used when lighting needed is high and ambient lighting purpose needs to be solved using them.

wall profile light
wall profile light

Also, like here, could be used as a custom designed step light or foot lights.

Stairs profile light
Stairs profile light

Profile lights are very versatile and can be used to give your design ideas a rich feel.

Things To Avoid While Using Profile Lights In False Ceiling

  • Profiles can be installed only when you have the ability to cut the False Ceiling or Drywall. One must take the sample of the profile to cut it accurately first.
  • Since strip lights are installed inside the profiles, workmanship should be able to hold the strip lights on site.
  • Profiles come in two types i.e Surface and Conceal. That is one that has a small collar protruding and the other that does not. Based on design and site requirements one should choose.
  • While fixing profile lights with screws inside, you should use SDS screws. This will keep the surface plain for strip light installation.
  • One can use an adhesive compound while installing strip lights to keep them fixed.
  • LED drivers take a lot of space depending upon the size and type of strip light, one should make a provision for that beforehand.
  • These profiles can be bent and broken easily so one should keep them safe on-site where it does not come in contact with the workman.
  • Even in cove lighting, one should use profile lighting to give that even lighting. Using strip lights directly wears off the lights and hence can damage them.

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Most people have a balcony in their house where they like to read books, drink coffee or spend time with them. And everyone wants them to decorate their balcony well. So here we are going to share with you new small balcony decor ideas for your balcony space.summer is also coming and everyone likes to spend most of the time in the morning or in the evening in the balcony during the summer. No matter how small or how big your balcony is. Having a balcony is enough in your space.Because the balcony holds a special place in our homes. And you can give this special space a beautiful look with your creativity.

Find here the latest new 9 small balcony decor ideas

Here Are 9 Simple And New Small Decor Ideas For Your Balcony

Keep reading here we are going to share with you some balcony lights decor ideas so you can decorate your balcony with beautiful lights.

1.Fairy Lights on single wall

Fairy Light On single wall

Nothing gives your balcony a more dreamy feel than fairy lights. Depending on the color of the walls and your furniture choose the color of your fairy lights. Like Wooden structures are complemented with golden lights while a white background can be accentuated by white lights also and so on.

2. Bulbs On Swing

Fairy Light On Swing

If you have a party at home or you want to decorate your balcony for yourself, then you can also decorate the swing of your balcony along with the balcony.

3.Fairy Lights On Railing

Fairy Light On Railing

Fairy light on the railing gives a very wonderful look on your balcony. if you have a small balcony in your apartment so don’t be sad you can also decorate your small apartment balcony in your way. Just use fairy light on the railing and make your balcony space your favorite book reading and coffee space.

4. Bamboo Lamps

Bamboo Lamps

Lamps are the best way to add aesthetic appeal and a romantic ambiance to your balconies. You can experiment with the lamps multifold. You can use Moroccan lamps which create beautiful patterns when lit or simply use scented candles in lamps for that misty effect. If you are someone who wants a more subtle and sustainable ambiance then try bamboo lamps. Bamboo not only looks rich but also survives rain, sunshine, and winters easily. They mix well with the plants as well. Try lamps and recreate the magic in your balconies.

5. Moroccan Pendant Lamps

Moroccan pendant lamp

Use a Moroccan pendant lamp in your balcony area to give your balcony a bohemian look. Moroccan pendant lamp will add a dash of grace to your balcony with its unique design. These lamps look so beautiful and give your balcony a very artistic look.

6. Bulbs and scented candles

Bulbs And Scented Candle

If you want to give your partner a very beautiful surprise so you can decorate your balcony with bulbs and scented candles and this will be a very sweet gift for your partner although this space can be a peaceful reading space for yourself.

7. Wall lights

For a more modern fee use the wall lights which give a very elite and stylish look to your balconies. if you want to focus on one particular wall in your balcony and want to show your one spacial balcony wall. So you can use wall lights in your balcony for focusing on one particular wall, it will give your balcony a very classic look.

8. White bulbs

white bulbs

You can also use big white bulbs to lift up the mood of your balcony. if you want to decorate your balcony in a simple way so you can use white bulbs in your beautiful balcony, these lights will your balcony a very elegant and lovely look. And the white bulbs decoration will give you a very beautiful feel in your balcony area.

9. Add Fairy lights in the element


If you don’t have a lot of space to add elements then adding fairy lights in elements like in also just amps up the balcony without any effort. Try these styles and see how everyone just goes gaga over your balcony.

If you have a balcony you need light ideas for the comment below and we will help you out choosing the right light for your perfect space.